A Fistfull of Istanbul

By on 9th June 2015 in Blog

I’m Tom and together with Patrik, we’re the Pop Stick story-tellers. The past few months have been a fairly wild ride for us – we pitched to a prince, found some amazing investors, designed a completely new product and relocated to Istanbul.

Tom being from England and Patrik being from Germany (yes he’s German, don’t let his Thai looks trick you) Istanbul might seem like a strange place to build a startup…

Well, the thing is, from our previous startup experience, we found that the best way to focus is to take ourselves away from our routines and friends.  Istanbul is one of the most beautiful and vibrant places we’ve been to, which fills us brim full of creativity – pretty crucial when you’re trying to make a dent in the massive selfie stick industry!

There are also other ‘work’ related reasons for basing ourselves in Istanbul: It’s got more sunny days in a month than both Germany and England have in a year. The cuisine is incredible (you can’t beat eating fresh fish actually in the fish market) and the people are incredibly warm, friendly and helpful…

Mainly though, starting Pop Stick has inspired us to get out and go travel, so we can share our story with you. After all… how interesting would this blog be if we were writing it from a warehouse in some trading estate. On that note… check out the video of the Pop Crib above! (excuse the sunburn and the vest top)

Over the next few months we’ll keep bringing you along with us on our journey, and we’ll be using our Pop Sticks (as soon as we get the new prototypes) to capture the whole thing.

Next week we’ll be sharing some highlights so far… including a surprise yoga class, the amazing rooftop parties and a trip to Asia. In the meantime – here’s some Turkan…

Pop Stick #InTheMoment


Death to the selfie

By on 21st May 2015 in Blog


The rise of the selfie has been unstoppable.

We believe it’s just the beginning, the beginning of a whole new way for us to capture and share our stories. The selfie is spontaneous, fun, and unlike the traditional photo, the selfie lets you join in on the moment.

The problem with the selfie is, it’s just you in the picture.

That’s why we love selfie sticks. They help you capture the biggest moments with all of what’s around you, whether it’s you in amongst all of your friends in an epic friensie (yup… that’s what we’re calling them) or you at the Taj Mahal. It’s a beautiful thing.

We discovered that people get a selfie stick when they’re about to do something new and exciting, whether seeing London for the first time, going to a festival, or riding a goat through a Starbucks (see next blog post). The traditional selfie stick is a great tool, but for us, it has a serious problem – simply put, it’s not there when we need it.

We wanted to create a super portable, water resistant and beautifully designed stick that you can be proud of. One that is an expression of who you are.  We’re really looking forward to sharing the new designs of Pop Stick with you in the coming few weeks, so please keep following us for updates.

Every Pop Stick really is the beginning of a great story. Your great story, and great stories should be captured and shared.

Talking of great stories… we’ll be telling the whole Pop Stick story right here on this blog, every week, so join in ;)

Pop Stick –  #InTheMoment